Maine Overview

The Maine Center for Integrated Rehabilitation (MCIR) is a part of the Rehab Without Walls family of services, offering a comprehensive, interdisciplinary treatment program for individuals with an Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) and other complex neurological diagnosis. Our mission is to improve the quality of life and increase the independence of our patients. We have 3 Outpatient facilities located in the Brewer, Fairfield, and Rockland areas as well as Residential facilities in Bangor, Holden, and Brewer.


Brain Injury/Stroke Rehabilitation Services

Outpatient Clinic: Brewer, Fairfield, Rockland

MCIR has a specialized, interdisciplinary Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program that is focused on the successful outcomes of our patients by reducing the barriers that challenge each individual’s ability to resume his/her pre-injury life-style. Our clinical staff work together to develop an individualized, patient-driven treatment plan that addresses the unique medical, physical, and cognitive needs of each patient.

Care Coordination: We offer Care Coordination to individuals receiving ABI rehabilitation services from another provider in the state accessing MaineCare. Care Coordination assists individuals with obtaining access to important services and information relating to their rehabilitation plan or injury such as waivers or State Plan services, medical, educational, and social services. In addition, we also assist with overseeing the implementation of the individuals Care Plan, which includes monitoring the health, welfare and safety of the individual.  

Orthopedic Rehabilitation Services

Outpatient Clinic: Brewer, Fairfield, Rockland

MCIR’s Orthopedic Rehabilitation Program uses individualized treatment plans to focus on the prevention and correction of injuries to the musculoskeletal system. Our hands-on approach utilizes a team of clinical staff with over 40 years of combined clinical experience in treating a variety of orthopedic, sports-related and neurological conditions. MCIR’s treatment plans utilize a highly collaborative approach to therapy developed for each patient and their specific goals.

Lymphedema Services

Outpatient Clinic: Brewer

MCIR provides safe and effective rehabilitation for patients with lymphedema through the Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT) Program, the gold standard in care. Our lymphedema therapists are each certified by the Norton School of Lymphatic Therapy and hold special certifications in lymphatic drainage and shorts stretch bandaging.



Corinne Johnston – Program Manager

248 State St. 

Brewer, ME 04412

(207) 989-2034


Barbara Mansir – Program Manager

95 Skowhegan Rd. 

Fairfield, ME 04937

(207) 453-1330


Carolyn McElfresh – Program Manager

91 Camden St. – Suite 107

Rockland, ME 04841

(207) 596-0133


Brian Hurd – Residential Program Manager

(207) 989-2034

Scott J. Mayo

 Executive Director 

Maine Center for Integrated Rehabilitation 

A Member of the ResCare Family of Services

(C) (207) 313-2672