Case Studies

The most important thing Rehab Without Walls® does on a daily basis is focus on getting our patients "back to life." Case studies provide an opportunity to see how those lives have improved in both a practical and clinical format. Sometimes we have stories from patients in their own words, at other times it is through an interview. We also try to share stories and media coverage as it occurs, so keep on checking back!

  • Tale of a Case Manager

    Tale of a Case Manager

    This was a very intensive case because every aspect of this family’s life needed assistance,” remarks Patricia Runnels, a Rehab Without Walls Director of Clinical Management.

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  • Another Tale of a Case Manager

    Another Tale of a Case Manager

    Previously, he had been in almost every type of facility along the continuum—acute care, residential and day treatment—but had made little progress.

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  • The Family's Role

    The Family's Role

    I wanted her to be able to watch movies, to laugh and cry, and to walk. But most of all, I wanted her to be able to look into peoples’ eyes again and focus.

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  • An MS Patient's Story

    An MS Patient's Story

    I feel the treatment helped me accomplish my goals: returning to work, staying as independent as possible, and most of all, remaining in my own home.”

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  • Anoxic Brain Injury

    Anoxic Brain Injury

    The best candidates tend to have excellent motivation, strong family support and had a high level of function before the illness or injury. Susan had all of these things.

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